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Hey Senator Feinstein look what I made in arts and crafts today

Victory is mine. I am the proud owner of an AR-15 polymer lower that I milled out from and 80% lower. Sure I spent enough money to buy two finished lowers with part kits. And yes I spent enough of my limited free time chasing down parts, endmills and an x and y vice to mount it to a drill press that my dog doesn’t remember me. But I know have a lower that I didn’t have to ask our overlord’s permission to have. And the best thing is that I can never register it, no matter what laws are ever passed. It’s doesn’t have a serial number


I have enough parts to complete the lower build. I can slap an upper from one of my other AR’s for final testing. “Yes I own more than one”. Probably wait for for next gun show to purchase its own upper. Keep it safe people.



Hell freezes over, Illinois passes CCW

When the devil woke in hell this morning hey may have thought the air conditioning was set to high. As the day proceeded and the flames of perdition failed to burn tormented souls, I’m sure he was curious to why this was happening. Illinois the only state in the union with no conceal carry ability has finally passed Conceal Carry law through the house and the senate with Super majorities. The only thing in our way. Governor “not so mighty” Quinn.

Even if he try’s to veto it. There is the votes to over ride him. This is not a great bill by any means. But considering that it Illinois we are talking about. It could be a lot worse. Here is a summary.

It is shall-issue carry
Preemption applies to handguns only. Will include both ammunition and magazines. See Sec. 90. Preemption applies to FOID card holders only.
16 hours of training required but 8 hours can be waived for prior military service and hunter safety courses.
Cost of the license will be$150 for residents; $300 for non-residents. Renewal for residents is $150.
No reciprocity with other states
Establishes CUI or carrying under the influence. Penalties the same as for DUI. Applies to all including LEO.
A carry license doesn’t exempt the holder from a NICS check on a firearms purchase
Restaurants that have over 50% of profits from alcohol sales must post premises. Onus is on business owner to post.
Counties and municipalities have 10 days after bill signing or veto override to have firearms ordinances in place. After that time, there is state preemption on all firearms issues.
Law states firearm must be concealed or partially concealed.
Chicago/Cook County gets to keep its AWB and mag restrictions for rifles and shotguns


Let us take a moment a enjoy the moment of after a hard won battle.

Taking a stand for my rights, Getting Training

Like many people I can and have put off for tomorrow what can be done today. Today I have taken a stand to exercise my rights. I have just sent off my application for the Utah CCW permit.

Like many in Illinois who I am tired of being the only state who doesn’t recognized the right of an individual to protect themselves in public with a firearm. Never mind that Chicago with the most restrictive gun laws left in the country leads the murder tally for the country. About 30 freedom loving, law abiding AMERICAN patriots, surrendered five hours and a hundred dollars to get the Utah permit.

The course was hosted by a local firearm dealer, and taught by Armed Citizen Training LLC, or ACT. ACT helped with the filling out of the applications, took photos and fingerprints. As well as supplying the packets of forms. The class itself was separated into two parts each taught by different instructors. The first part was firearm familiarity and safety, while the second half covered the law and legal responsibility of CCW laws.

The training was engaging and interactive enough to prevent people from falling asleep. Which was no small feat with the second half regarding the law. Both instructors were well versed in their materials and fluid in the deliveries. They were very professional. If this was representative of the training available from ACT I may look into taking other firearm training from them. They at least deserve a good look at what they offer.


Gun Show buying frenzy

This is less of a rant and more of an observation I went to a local gun show west of Milwaukee last weekend and noticed prices and buying are up. I took my new M1 carbine to the show in order to match the hand guard and stock. I was swamped with offers even after I said I wasn’t selling the gun. Maybe people thought I was just interested in taking offers in order to get a good price. I could if I wanted to turn an easy 200 profit on the gun. Unlike the post Obama election panic buying of 2008 I noticed that people were buying in large numbers for what I guess is only for an investment. I did get the feeling that people are buying in order to avoid having to pay even more later after what I can only guess that they feel is upcoming gun restrictions.20120321-194556.jpg

I had a long discussion with a friend of mine who was a dealer at the show. He was telling me that he will be attending a great many more shows starting in September. He is anticipating an increase in sales as the election draws near. He feels that Obama is going to be reelected. I will grant the present Republican primaries are not going well. But I cannot believe the American people will put this man back in office. I really feel the last election was a combination of collective war weariness and white guilt. I really feel that the American population was waiting for the opportunity to elect a black president.

This president has never taken positions and pushed forward an agenda. His greatest accomplishment of Obamacare was handed off to the house of representatives for Nancy Pelosi to push through. He has a habit of leaving from behind and letting events progress to the point where the decision is made for him. We must have some faith that the pendulum will swing back. But I guess I have some hope.