Alone, Surounded and running low on ammo. Looking for others to put up a final fight.

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Hey Senator Feinstein look what I made in arts and crafts today

Victory is mine. I am the proud owner of an AR-15 polymer lower that I milled out from and 80% lower. Sure I spent enough money to buy two finished lowers with part kits. And yes I spent enough of my limited free time chasing down parts, endmills and an x and y vice to mount it to a drill press that my dog doesn’t remember me. But I know have a lower that I didn’t have to ask our overlord’s permission to have. And the best thing is that I can never register it, no matter what laws are ever passed. It’s doesn’t have a serial number


I have enough parts to complete the lower build. I can slap an upper from one of my other AR’s for final testing. “Yes I own more than one”. Probably wait for for next gun show to purchase its own upper. Keep it safe people.



Because Sometimes .22 is enough and Fun

What do you do if you want to practice but can only go to an indoor range. Why break out your 22 AR-15 of course. Here is my Magpul accessorized Spikes Tactical Upper. Shoots like a champ after a few hundred rounds of break in. I did replace the hammer to a more rounded one. It does help with the reliability. And yes I know the front sight is backwards . Still works the same and it was the only way to fit on the gas block.