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Love machining Lowers


I just love machining lowers. After my success with polymer I just had to try aluminum. Here is my new finished lower made on a 7075 billet. I finished the lower using an easy jig from 80% arms. After a little modification to the side walls it works with all lowers I have put in it.

My recommendation is to go slow, use lots of lube. Best thing is that I used a small hand router not a mill.



Hey Senator Feinstein look what I made in arts and crafts today

Victory is mine. I am the proud owner of an AR-15 polymer lower that I milled out from and 80% lower. Sure I spent enough money to buy two finished lowers with part kits. And yes I spent enough of my limited free time chasing down parts, endmills and an x and y vice to mount it to a drill press that my dog doesn’t remember me. But I know have a lower that I didn’t have to ask our overlord’s permission to have. And the best thing is that I can never register it, no matter what laws are ever passed. It’s doesn’t have a serial number


I have enough parts to complete the lower build. I can slap an upper from one of my other AR’s for final testing. “Yes I own more than one”. Probably wait for for next gun show to purchase its own upper. Keep it safe people.


Training day

One of the disadvantages of living in the Socialist hell, I like to call my home state of is a lack of places to shoot. Although there has been an increase in the amount of indoor pistol ranges in the area, practice is often limited to little more than burning through ammunition. Shooting a rifle can make you feel like an oppressed minority. Evil black rifles are look at with fear and suspicion and God for bid you attempt a tactical reload. I am a proud member of a semi private range in Wisconsin. But even there you are limited to slow fire. I understand the need for safety as well as the desire to prevent shots over the berm that could draw the ire of the neighbors.

So it was with glee and excitement that I signed up for a basic defensive rifle course offered by Milwaukee Community Outreach Partners or COP. Besides being able to drag out all of the gear I’ve been accumulating over the years. I was finally going to be able to get some real practice. And real practice it was. A nine hour romp the sun, with 12 more evil people doing damage on paper targets. Although the range facilities could be best described as spartan, the instructors were polite, safety orientated and very professional. Instructions and requirements for the class were very well-documented, Kevin Eyre the lead instructor did a excellent job of balancing the needs of novices and more advanced shooters to the course. The price was very reasonable considering the amount of experience of the instructors. And both were very approachable with questions about different training methods. I look forward to taking the advanced course offered by this group. But given my upcoming schedule for the remaining months I fear I may have to wait until spring to take the advanced course. But to help keep my sanity they also offer a basic and advanced pistol course which I might be able to squeeze in this September.

So if you are in need or want of some rifle or pistol training and live in South East Wisconsin or Northeast Illinois you could do a lot worse had to look up Milwaukee COP.
Kevin L. Eyre
Milwaukee Community Outreach Partners, LLC
P.O. Box 210791
Milwaukee, WI, 53221
414-943-COPS (2677)

Anti-tilt buffer

Here is a picture of my new anti-tilt buffer from

I really am impressed with the tooling and the finish. I also purchased a new spring from them.

As you can see the spring is much longer than the standard one pictured with it. Yes I have discovered that both pins will need to be pushed in in order to remove the upper for cleaning. I was also concerned with the buffer sticking to tightly with the bolt carrier. To help in the take down I recommend pressing firm on the bolt assist and hold it down while removing.