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Love machining Lowers


I just love machining lowers. After my success with polymer I just had to try aluminum. Here is my new finished lower made on a 7075 billet. I finished the lower using an easy jig from 80% arms. After a little modification to the side walls it works with all lowers I have put in it.

My recommendation is to go slow, use lots of lube. Best thing is that I used a small hand router not a mill.



Hey Senator Feinstein look what I made in arts and crafts today

Victory is mine. I am the proud owner of an AR-15 polymer lower that I milled out from and 80% lower. Sure I spent enough money to buy two finished lowers with part kits. And yes I spent enough of my limited free time chasing down parts, endmills and an x and y vice to mount it to a drill press that my dog doesn’t remember me. But I know have a lower that I didn’t have to ask our overlord’s permission to have. And the best thing is that I can never register it, no matter what laws are ever passed. It’s doesn’t have a serial number


I have enough parts to complete the lower build. I can slap an upper from one of my other AR’s for final testing. “Yes I own more than one”. Probably wait for for next gun show to purchase its own upper. Keep it safe people.