Alone, Surounded and running low on ammo. Looking for others to put up a final fight.


Hell freezes over, Illinois passes CCW

When the devil woke in hell this morning hey may have thought the air conditioning was set to high. As the day proceeded and the flames of perdition failed to burn tormented souls, I’m sure he was curious to why this was happening. Illinois the only state in the union with no conceal carry ability has finally passed Conceal Carry law through the house and the senate with Super majorities. The only thing in our way. Governor “not so mighty” Quinn.

Even if he try’s to veto it. There is the votes to over ride him. This is not a great bill by any means. But considering that it Illinois we are talking about. It could be a lot worse. Here is a summary.

It is shall-issue carry
Preemption applies to handguns only. Will include both ammunition and magazines. See Sec. 90. Preemption applies to FOID card holders only.
16 hours of training required but 8 hours can be waived for prior military service and hunter safety courses.
Cost of the license will be$150 for residents; $300 for non-residents. Renewal for residents is $150.
No reciprocity with other states
Establishes CUI or carrying under the influence. Penalties the same as for DUI. Applies to all including LEO.
A carry license doesn’t exempt the holder from a NICS check on a firearms purchase
Restaurants that have over 50% of profits from alcohol sales must post premises. Onus is on business owner to post.
Counties and municipalities have 10 days after bill signing or veto override to have firearms ordinances in place. After that time, there is state preemption on all firearms issues.
Law states firearm must be concealed or partially concealed.
Chicago/Cook County gets to keep its AWB and mag restrictions for rifles and shotguns


Let us take a moment a enjoy the moment of after a hard won battle.


Tyranny, Look how far we’ve come!

​Let’s sum up where we are in the political cauldron right now. The Benghazi scandal continues to simmer and brew because we just can’t seem to get any answer on whose idea it was to change the narrative of the attack. No one can tell us who ordered the military to stand down and attempt to help the embassy. No one can say who created and changed the talking points for Susan Rice. We can’t get an answer on what the President was doing during the attack. And the only person arrested and sitting in jail is the guy who created a u-tube video, that didn’t actually have anything to do with the attack.

The AP has phone records seized by the DOJ. Eric Holder throws his subordinate under the bus and refuses to answer questions, saying that he may be part of the investigation. DOJ puts a full court press on of a FOX News reporter who asked questions about Fast and Furious. This level of scrutiny is missing when it came to two bombers running around Boston. A CBS reporter claims her computer has been repeatedly hacked since she started reporting on Fast and Furious. But under the guise of an ongoing investigation no information can be released.

​ICE decides to release violent criminals and illegal aliens and claims sequester made them do it. But then again we don’t know who gave the order and or made the policy. Two separate Union groups are now suing the US government because the ICE and DHS are preventing them from enforcing immigration law.

The IRS uses it power of regulation and control to attempt to quiet and remove from the political chorus, right wing and Tea party groups. They claim all the while that it is not based on politics. Left wing groups get fast tracked through. Agent after agent is marched before congress and refuse to answer simple questions. Who set this policy? Who is in charge? Why only Right wing groups were targeted for slow road to bureaucratic oblivion. Why is the official who seemed to be in charge now being promoted to oversee the enforcement of Obamacare? The Agent’s name is Lois Lerner. She is right now taking the fifth, literally before congress. On one hand claiming she has done nothing wrong. She then refuses to answer questions because it may implicate her in criminal actions. Have we all lost our minds?

​No one is held accountable, no one is in charge and yet the Beast of Government continues to crush anyone who speaks against it. Agents of the government are using their power to hide those who should be accountable. Government attempts to silence political speech by burdening groups with onerous regulation and delay. They release criminals back on our streets and refuse to enforce the laws we already have. This is the tyranny that that we fear.

These are all examples of why will not surrender our firearms to a benevolent government. This government is not acting in our best interest, nor is it accountable to us. It has become a boot stepping on or necks. It is a monolith that is arming itself for war against its people. Drones, Armored Personnel Carriers and piles of ammo and guns, are all ready to go to enforce this government’s will. This is what a Tyranny looks like.

It’s over for now

With abated b20130418-100734.jpgreath and a tremble of joy, I along with many in the gun community watched the president speak after the senate vote. His first major defeat. Today starts the beginning of his lame duck session. His tears are like nectar. His angst is a shot of Prozac to my well being.

Like the spoiled child that his is, he pouted and stamped his feet. Some how angered because we call him out for using dead children and grieving parents to push another progressive agenda.

Get used to the disappointment Mr. President there is going to be more where that came from.

What a good day. Now maybe ammo prices can get back to normal.


I will not comply!

I have been silent, and with good reason. The tragedy of the Sandy Hook shooting has caused me a great deal of personal angst. I also wanted to let the national dialogue work itself out and see how the sides are lining up. Now that the President has officially thrown his hat into the ring and we know what we are fighting. Now is the time to act and mobilize for the fight ahead.
We must fight with all that we can and leave nothing behind. There is no compromise that we can offer that will make the anti-gun zealots, leave us in peace. If we give up 30 round magazines for 10, the will ask for 7. Look at New York. Once they have all of the Semi-autos registered they will enact restrictions so heavy, nobody will be able to afford or comply with the law to exercise the right to own.
New York has effectively banned almost every full size semi-auto handgun. No manufacturer makes a 7 round magazine. Who made the decision that seven rounds is good and safe and eight or more rounds is evil and dangerous? And where does the arrogance come from to tell me how many rounds I should have in my gun if God forbid I need it to save my life and the lives of my family. Will the criminals obey the law and lower how much ammo they carry? Will they wait politely while I reload? Or will they wait outside while I unlock my firearm and load it.
No, once again law abiding gun owners are being forced at gun point to weaken themselves even more. All for the purpose of making some people feel good for doing something.
I am a law abiding citizen. I will determine for myself what I need to protect my family and my freedom. We are a country of liberties not needs. Yes we have restrictions on our rights; you can’t scream fire in a crowded theater. But they don’t make you stuff a ball gag in your mouth when they sell you your ticket. Laws are supposed to codify illegal and unwanted behavior. Not strip rights from the law abiding.
I will not register. I will not sell. I will not destroy or surrender my property to the state.

Conceal Carry in Illinois?

Wow, what a monumental moment in time. The last state to hold-out against conceal carry looks like it may finally fall. I must admit I’m enjoying watching the heads explode of our governor and Rahm Emanuel. Surprisingly we haven’t hear a knee-jerk reaction from our AG Lisa (my Daddy really runs the State) Madigan. Perhaps Little Lisa wants to be governor and doesn’t want to rock the boat and anger downstate Democrats. But the clock is ticking and there is hope in Illinois.

20121213-110855.jpgYou would think that Illinois was the first, not the last state to conceal carry. The left continues to use the same wild west/ blood in the streets augments that have been disproven time and time again in every state so far. I’m been trying to understand where this irrational fear of an inanimate object comes from.

I can only say that it is fear and envy. Many on the left, I believe succumb to the fear of being hurt. If they submit to force they feel that they will not be hurt. But if they fight back they will be hurt worse. They wrap themselves in the delusion that they are owed protection from society in the form of police protection. They then yield self-determination to the illusion of a civilized society. I also believe that they don’t feel there is real evil in the world. That thug/rapist/killer would be a perfect neighbor if society would just give him a chance. The taking of his life while in the perpetration of a crime is a greater crime that his act.

Finally I feel they are envious of those who would take action. The wearing of a firearm is a moral shout from the mountain as it were. I will not cower; I will hold my life as my most prized possession. I will not hope that someone else will save me. I will NOT YEILD. To those who have surrendered their individuality to the altar of the collective good, we are the problem. They are envious that they lack the courage to fight, and they hate us for that. That’s why they want us disarmed so they can to lie to themselves that we will behave in the same manner as they do when we are disarmed.


Lessons to be learned from hurricane Sandy

I guess the prepper lifestyle is not so ridiculous. Taking a look at the chaos that has ensued in New York and primarily Staten Island, Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to have more than two days worth of food in your house. A long term food storage plan or even a decent well-stocked pantry can be the determining factor of roughing it out for a few days and dumpster diving.

Don’t get me wrong if your house gets washed out to sea all the preps of the world will not have saved you. People who experience real tragedy such as that, are truly those who are in real need. But people who don’t even have a simple plan on how to live without power and heat for a few days are Sheeple.

I’ve been reading newspaper articles about people defending themselves with machetes, baseball bats and bows and arrows. We have now crossed the line where the good citizen is disarmed in New York and the criminals are armed. Thank you draconian gun laws.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the trappings of modern civilization as much as the next man. I prefer flush toilets, electrical power on demand and gasoline in my car as much as any American. But I also have an understanding that bad things happen to good people. Preparing for emergency doesn’t make you a paranoid freak. Learn a lesson from other people’s mistakes. Build a stockpile of food, water and if possible power for your home. Also understand that it will make you a target for those who did not. That means you have the right and responsibility to arm yourself to protect those that you love and care for.

Where is everybody?

Three and half years ago I took a pilgrimage. Fresh off the Obama inauguration, the gun culture was in panic. Prices were up, ammo was in short supply and I somehow I conned my wife into going to knob Creek. If you don’t know Knob Creek, it is the largest machine gun shoot in North America. At least that’s how its still advertised.

So this fall I decided to repeat my seven hour car ride to the wilds of Kentucky outside of Louisville. This time I was ready. AR, back pack and ammo in tow I joined the crowds. Waiting for the show to open. I had to think to myself where is everybody? When I was here last time you could barely walk down the isles on opening morning. People were carrying and selling before the gates where even open.

The one thing this show had in common with the last is prices are up. But still where was everybody? Has the economy even hit the gun culture? In comparison to other Americans gun owners tend to be a slightly higher income. It can be a very expensive Lifestyle. Since the egomaniac has been elected, gun sales have skyrocketed. Are we laying low waiting for the election to be over? Are we tapped out after a buying frenzy all summer? I would’ve thought the crowds would’ve been bigger after the spring show at Knob Creek was canceled because of flooding.

Deals were light, prices were high, and the crowds were half the size. It did make taking pictures and easier and parking less a hassle.