Alone, Surounded and running low on ammo. Looking for others to put up a final fight.


And they wonder Why were Angry.

​ The world has lost its grip on reality. I do not say this lightly. Evil has gripped the western world by the throat, and many are hopping if they don’t look the beast in the eyes it will spare them. They are so caught up in the suicide pact of political correctness, they are frozen into inaction. They hope beyond hope that someone will save them.

These are the dreams of children. They fear and pull the magic covers over their heads and pray for the first light of day to save them. But ISIS/ISIL and radical Islam are not boogey men to dissolve into the whisper of shadow. They are the new Icons of evil, surpassing the aging Nazi’s campaign. Goebbels has nothing on the Islamic apologists of today. Today’s mainstream press is bound and determined to create moral equivalency by invoking the Crusades.

The Crusades were at best a bloody nose in comparison to the rivers of blood that has been the 1400 year history of global Jihad. The Crusades were not as bad as what is going on today right now in Syria and Iraq. Self-defense is not the same as genocide and torture. What is happening on the streets in Iraq and Syria is real torture and atrocities. Waterboarding by comparison is a Sunday afternoon at the pool. No one died screaming on fire, or watched their life blood spray out in gothic fountains that would make Nero smile.

This administration has gone out of its way to try and temper our outrage without even mentioning the history of Islam. This is not the religion of peace it is a Doctrine of Evil. Islam follows the teaching of a man who raped, stole, murdered, subjugated women, enslaved and butchered all those who would not sign on to his death cult.

And once more the trumpets will blare out to call the crusaders to save the west once again from its own folly. The cowards call once again that they be spared. A warm bead and a full belly provided under the watchful shadow of the sword and shield. But instead of honoring their protectors, they call out and taunt us brothers. The wolf is at the door and they plea for us to show it mercy before the first blow is struck. They would have us feed ourselves to the beast to bide them time to die of old age. They will have us throw ourselves on our own spears as a sacrifice on the altar of collective western civilization’s guilt.

Yes brothers we shall hear the call once more. Our armor will be tested once again and we will tire behind the dance of the sword and shield. We will let the fires of war burn in our blood and the rage of battle overcomes our gentle natures. But then we shall deal with the real evil that lurks in our own ranks. We shall strike at those who allowed this evil to grow and fester again. Now is the time to throw these cowards before us. Feed them to the beast and let them feel the fall of fangs on flesh. They must be shown the true face of barbarity, in order to appreciate the soft comforts of civilization.

And to those who survive, may they come to understand our justified anger.
I.M.A. Freeman



Love machining Lowers


I just love machining lowers. After my success with polymer I just had to try aluminum. Here is my new finished lower made on a 7075 billet. I finished the lower using an easy jig from 80% arms. After a little modification to the side walls it works with all lowers I have put in it.

My recommendation is to go slow, use lots of lube. Best thing is that I used a small hand router not a mill.



NRA convention has the cool swag



Jan 5 , 1210 am
Holy hell and a day, my application for concealed carry Illinois has finally gone in. Now I have to do is wait for it to show up in the mail. That is unless it’s a giant bait and switch and the ISP is creating an enemies list. Thought you have the right to protect yourself, sorry you are a dangerous right wing nut job. We must keep an eye on you.

All kidding aside it figures that Illinois is the last state with conceal carry. And to top it all off it’s the most stringent of shall issue states. I totally thought we were going we were going to be stuck with some New York style may issue nightmare. That is until is saw that last gun owners lobby day in Springfield. Yes fine citizens I was there carrying my end of of social contract. Were you?

I wanted to scream FREEDOM in some Braveheart moment as I was filing on line at midnight Sunday morning, my last beuracratic hoop to jump through. All to exercise a right. This seems wrong. Baby steps.

Hey Senator Feinstein look what I made in arts and crafts today

Victory is mine. I am the proud owner of an AR-15 polymer lower that I milled out from and 80% lower. Sure I spent enough money to buy two finished lowers with part kits. And yes I spent enough of my limited free time chasing down parts, endmills and an x and y vice to mount it to a drill press that my dog doesn’t remember me. But I know have a lower that I didn’t have to ask our overlord’s permission to have. And the best thing is that I can never register it, no matter what laws are ever passed. It’s doesn’t have a serial number


I have enough parts to complete the lower build. I can slap an upper from one of my other AR’s for final testing. “Yes I own more than one”. Probably wait for for next gun show to purchase its own upper. Keep it safe people.


SCCY is the limit.

A new addition to the safe. A CPX-2 in 9mm. Long trigger pull, great price and a life time warranty that follows the gun. American made firearm


My choice for a Conceal Carry pistol


Small pistol perfection. Smith&Wesson M&P Shield, 9mm