Alone, Surounded and running low on ammo. Looking for others to put up a final fight.


Jan 5 , 1210 am
Holy hell and a day, my application for concealed carry Illinois has finally gone in. Now I have to do is wait for it to show up in the mail. That is unless it’s a giant bait and switch and the ISP is creating an enemies list. Thought you have the right to protect yourself, sorry you are a dangerous right wing nut job. We must keep an eye on you.

All kidding aside it figures that Illinois is the last state with conceal carry. And to top it all off it’s the most stringent of shall issue states. I totally thought we were going we were going to be stuck with some New York style may issue nightmare. That is until is saw that last gun owners lobby day in Springfield. Yes fine citizens I was there carrying my end of of social contract. Were you?

I wanted to scream FREEDOM in some Braveheart moment as I was filing on line at midnight Sunday morning, my last beuracratic hoop to jump through. All to exercise a right. This seems wrong. Baby steps.


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